Expert Witness Testimony

expert witnessMany valuation court cases are won or lost based on the testimony of the valuation expert. Our professionals at Fulton County Home Appraiser are experienced in the art of giving credible valuation testimony.

At Fulton County Home Appraiser, our team of experts has unparalleled experience across a broad spectrum of real estate and complex properties. Using our proprietary database of real estate market information, along with our leading edge data management and analyses systems, our team prepares USPAP-compliant appraisal reports in conformity with state tax laws and in support of our opinion of value. When necessary, we support our work product with expert witness testimony in state and federal courts, administrative and regulatory agencies and in alternative dispute resolution forums.

Why Do You Need An Expert Witness?
In the matter of determining authenticity and value, oftentimes the average citizen, lawyer, or insurance company will not have sufficient knowledge to act as a witness. Therefore, an expert witness is necessary to proceed.

Expert witnesses may be called upon to assist in case studies. As experts in our field, we can assist lawyers in evaluating their case, help determine if the claim has merit, and give specific and knowledgeable information to the council. An expert witness may be called upon to provide written statements. With our experienced and knowledgeable staff, Fulton County Home Appraiser is qualified to testify with supporting documents and evidence, and to testify at a deposition and/or trial. With the use of our expert witnesses, your case will be argued with complete confidence and experience.

Fulton County Home Appraiser is Fulton County’s top choice for professional and affordable appraisals.