Property Tax Appeal

Believe your house is overvalued? No need to worry any longer. Here at Fulton County Home Appraiser, we strive to provide you with an accurate valuation of your property.

Most localities determine your property tax burden based on an ad valorem assessment of the property’s value.

Sometimes as a property owner, you get an unwanted surprise in the mail telling you your taxes are going up you may believe the assessment is too high.

How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

Before you start the appeal process, research how your local government assesses property. Look at the length of time between assessments as well as how the market value of a home is determined. We at Fulton County Home Appraiser can provide support for our estimate of value. Our primary purpose is to help those property owners who feel that their property taxes are too high.  We do this by helping you appeal your total assessed valuation of your property.

When you hire us for an assessment appeal, you’re commissioning an independent, third-party professional appraisal report. As such, we do our own evaluation from beginning to end. If you’re correct that your property has been overvalued, our independent report will be the most persuasive piece of evidence you can present.

While we are unable to guarantee the outcome of your appeal, an appraisal completed by a state-certified real estate appraiser from Fulton County Home Appraiser is a step in the right direction for any dispute with your local tax assessor.