For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Appraisal

The decision to sell your own home is an exciting one, however it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Deciding the price of your home can also be stressful, as you’ll want to ensure you’re not over or undercharging.

If you’ve recently made the choice to sell your home, you may wish to consider having your home appraised. For sale by owner appraisals (FSBOs) from Fulton County Home Appraiser are a valuation technique that allows an objective third party to determine the value of your home. This can ensure you’re getting the amount it’s worth. It’ll also save you the time it would have taken to review local market prices yourself.

Appraisals usually take place after the buyer has made an offer, however it’s a good idea to get an estimate on your property’s value before it goes on the market. Pre-listing appraisals can ensure you know the real value of your property before you decide on a sale price, whether you intend to ask for the full amount or plan on pricing your home to sell.

Your chosen appraiser will take all factors into consideration, such as previous sales of your property and current market trends. Every inch of your home will be inspected and accurately measured to ensure the final estimate is based on an in-depth conclusion. An appraiser will not use public records data to gain information about your property, as it is often incorrect and can lead to inaccurate values.

Often, those selling the home assume an appraisal is the responsibility of the buyer. However, the buyer is then free to hire a biased party who may claim the properly is worth less than it is in order to get a good deal. By hiring Fulton County Home Appraiser yourself, you can be sure your estimate is accurate and impartial, and you’ll be armed with information to back up your valuation to any potential buyers who question the price.

Professional appraisals are also the only values taken into account by mortgage lenders, increasing your chances of the buyer being able to afford your home.

Selecting Your For Sale by Owner Appraiser

When choosing an appraiser to complete your valuation, it’s important to choose someone reputable who is familiar with the industry. A good appraiser will have experience in determining the value of properties, plus familiarity with local market values. They should express a helpful attitude and a positive approach, and take every step to improve your experience and keep the process running smoothly.

Since 2002 we’ve helped Atlanta homeowners properly price their homes and get their properties sold. Selling by owner can be a great way to save money and get the most value out of your home—if you seek expert valuation advice.

Pricing your home effectively can help to ensure a quick sale, allowing you to move into your dream home or neighborhood within a reasonable time frame. Overpricing your home can hinder your chances, as prospective buyers who are clued up on the local market won’t be willing to pay over their calculated value.

Remember, if you’re selling your own home, the only way to get a true, unbiased estimate is through a For Sale by Owner appraisal (FSBOs). With Fulton County Home Appraiser, you’ll be wise to the true market value of your property.